Monday, July 18, 2011

santa fe

oh, what a wonderful time i had.

this was my little camp. after deciding not to bring lily, (yes, she is definitely called lily) i packed the tent. however, when i arrived and went to set it up, i realized i had neglected to bring the poles. however, i must have anticipated that i might do something like that because i put the futon mattress in the back of the car, which makes a terrifically comfy bed. i spent a lot of time here, lounging around reading this book. (have you read it? amazing!) i also chose a campground with a pool, which was totally luxurious.

i went for several lovely bike rides. one on thursday night, all through the streets of santa fe, and a couple of great trail rides as well.

i drank some very delicious beer.
(have i mentioned that i am an IPA kind of girl?)

and, of course, saw some really great music. mountain man opened for blind pilot. you may remember them from when they opened for the decemberists in february. they truly are amazing, just beautiful vocals.

there was a really intense fire happening.

israel was checking it out while he tuned his guitar.

i LOVE blind pilot and will be seeing them again tonight, in telluride, with glenn.

remember last time i saw them in telluride? they are such sweet people and i had the opportunity to talk with them again. israel said he keeps the pick i made for him in his guitar case.

also, because he knows how much i miss everybody, glenn always send me lots of pictures of the girls to my phone while i am away. i thought i would share them with you:

i was recently talking with an acquaintance about my solo trips. she was saying how there must be something wrong with her because she could never take a trip by herself. she said that she had grown up very close with her family and was always with somebody. she got married very young and was pretty much never alone. i explained to her that i wasn't ever particularly close with my family, that i often felt like an outsider and i have always appreciated being by myself. i told her there was nothing wrong or right with either of us. just different strokes for different folks. i know i keep saying it, but words cannot express how much these trips mean to me, what they do for me. it is truly remarkable.

also, hazel lost her first tooth!

and daisy has completely settled into our little family. although we are still working on the litter box training, she is often allowed to hop around the house to her little heart's delight. recently, once she has finished exploring, she hops right up onto the couch with us and just stretches out and relaxes. all of hazel's little bunny books say that a rabbit who is laying like this is completely content and comfortable. that makes me so happy! she is just the sweetest little thing.


susie said...

I love seeing pics from your trips, I'm more like your friend who can't travel alone (I can and do, but it causes me a lot of anxiety), so its fun for me to do a little vicarious travel:) I'm off now to check out the book,looks like a good one. I've been listening to Ray Lamontagne this week (really love his voice). Wishing you a wonderful week.

6512 and growing said...

Daisy's getting so big!
Congratulations to Hazel - she's pretty big too.
Rosie says "hi, this is Rosie."

Love you guys.