Thursday, July 7, 2011

true blue balance and a path

i made some more new pieces this week. it is soooooooo hot here all of a sudden, so it is very difficult to be out in my shop during the daytime; i have to work at night after the sun has gone down and the kids are in bed. (the money that was supposed to buy me a swamp cooler for the studio bought the camper instead.)

a new "may peace reveal a path" ring
this just might be the most incredible crazy lace agate i have ever seen. check out that perfect bull's eye at the top, right where that path leads...

the colors and patterns are just amazing.

and i love the size and shape.

a "balance" ring,
with a gorgeous pale high dome periwinkle chalcedony

a "true blue" ring,
with a deep blue apatite. yum.

and a "rustic nuance" anklet,
with aquamarine

i hand-forged and hammered each link.

this is such a funny shot. try taking a picture of your ankle sometime; it is not easy!

also, june finally got the hang of riding her tricycle! she is so proud of herself.

so sweet.

and today we went to the municipal pool to cool off.

the girls had so much fun.

tomorrow we will camp again with the camper. maggie (whose brother i bought her from) thinks the camper ought to be called "lily" instead of louellen because she's a "lil' loafer". what do you think? i think i like it; i may have to change her name... harvey, a local welder who attached the trailer hitch for me, also got the wiring done for me yesterday so the brake lights/ turn signals work. i got a jack with a wheel that is mounted on the front of the camper so that i can actually hook and unhook her to and from the car all by myself. maggie helped me make new cushions for her and i have ordered the fabric for the curtains, which i will make next week. i have also started buffing the outside. i am thinking i want her to have a sort of matte look as opposed to shiny, like my silver. i will share photos soon.

i leave next thursday for santa fe. blind pilot is playing there and i am going to take the camper for a couple of days by myself. i am really looking forward to it! now if i can only get the hang of backing up with the camper...

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