Tuesday, April 10, 2012

(she just looks like a floating head, but in reality, olive is riding in my basket. this makes me really happy.)

and i cannot stop listening to this song.
THANK YOU, emily!
i love them.

as you may have noticed, i haven't been working much. today i was feeling very stressed out and behind. i realized that i haven't really been able to work for about a month now. first the girls were sick, june ended up with pneumonia, and i didn't work for about two weeks. then i got sick, then i unexpectedly flew to indiana to be with dommie. then i got home and spent any available time in my shop crying and making pansies. then it was spring break and i wanted to spend time with glenn and the girls. now i have a few days to catch up on orders and then we are going to denver this weekend to be with my mom for her birthday. two days after we return i leave for my new england trip (more on that later!)

so, after THAT, i really have to get busy. i've got three retailers waiting on new pieces. wedding band season has begun and i've got to get going on those. orders from dogids.com are piling up. plus, i need to start building inventory for the telluride farmer's market again and other upcoming shows. i am reminding myself that this is actually a good thing, having too much work and not enough time. i need to be grateful for the demand and figure out the time. soon. right now i am trying to relax and be with my family, and even get a few days break from everything.

hope everyone is enjoying spring!

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