Sunday, April 8, 2012

spring break

we had a wonderful spring break this last week.
we camped in the desert,

and hiked in the valley of the gods.

hazel is showing off her mexican hat dance.

and june is showing off something else...

olive had a blast!

so did glenn.

i have been very curious about whether or not olive would be a water dog. turns out she absolutely is. as soon as she saw the river she got in and started swimming.

(see june's shoe floating away?)

we truly love the camper.
toward the end it got pretty windy and we were so glad to have it to hide in.

yes, i got a nook.
i resisted for a long time, but, i have to say, i LOVE it.

i hid some eggs for the girls in the campground.

and then we did the town easter egg hunt when we got home.

and, of course, easter baskets too.

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