Thursday, April 26, 2012


springtime comes late in these parts.  but, i think it has now officially sprung.  although it is april, and it technically could still snow here,  i am going to allow myself to hope for warm, sunny, springy weather.  and, you know what springtime means, i have been making flowers again!

here's what you can see if you walk around my neighborhood right now:

 (you can really see the angel in this one.)

 lilacs are so close to blooming.

oh, and these tulips that are working so hard to come up out of the road base that surrounds my house right now, yards away from anywhere i've ever planted bulbs.  tough little suckers.

 so i made a pansy for you all, 
because i love making them and i've already made one for all of the women in my family.

 this one has a lovely london blue topaz in the center.

 and says simply "remember" on the back.

 also, teresa (finally, just kidding) made me some incredible little matched flower pairs for earrings i am SO excited about them!

 here's a lovely little spring green prehnite ring.

and a larger glass bloom as well.

i also felt inspired to make some small, simple flower rings.
moonstone, prehnite, and amethyst

i will be listing all of these in the etsy shop later today.
hope everyone is enjoying spring!

p.s.  hazel's new blog post is finally done.  you can see it here.

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6512 and growing said...

LOVE all the flowers.