Wednesday, May 2, 2012

not that kind of groupie!

hello there, folks!  i am posting here this evening to let you know that i am embarking on a new blogging endeavor.  you see, this blog, which started out to be strictly for business purposes, has turned into a wonderful way to document not only my work, but my life.  the two are so inexplicably intertwined.  however, the part of my life that involves my passion for music and traveling to shows doesn't really seem to fit here.  i know that some of you are fans of the same music that i am, but i also know that some of you could care less about the felice brothers.  i always feel like i am censoring myself here when i post about my musical travels, trying not to get too carried away.  but it is such a huge part of who i am and i wanted somewhere to put it.  SO, if you do like to see photos of the bands and hear about the shows and see setlists, etc. you are in luck because now you can do that here.  pretty catchy, huh?  and, if you don't like that kind of thing, well you're still in luck because, although i will still of course be mentioning my travels here and sharing a thing or two, you will not have to endure any more than you'd like.

one more thing.  my eventual goal with my new blog, aside from just being a place to document this exciting part of my life, is to try to actually generate sponsors so that the blog itself can ultimately help to fund more traveling for more shows.  so the more followers/likes/hits/views, etc i get, the better.  so, if you are so inclined, please click the appropriate links in the bottom left sidebar to help me reach that goal.  and tell your friends!  thanks, y'all, and wish me luck!

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