Thursday, May 10, 2012

new lantern bouquets

i made 2 new lantern bouquets this week.  i've been wanting to do some riveted ones for a while now.  i am excited about this design because the petals spin.

 this one features a beautiful cornflower blue artisan glass bead,

 with other glass and stone (chrysoprase and chalcedony)  beads wire-wrapped into the chain. 

 and this one has a lovely turquoise blue bead in the center.

 i also made this sweet little blue bloom ring, with one of teresa's amazing glass flower cabochons.

 i love it!

these will all be in the etsy shop tomorrow.

in other news, olive got groomed yesterday.  i was afraid that she would be very hot this summer with all of that fur.  she looks so funny!  it is going to take some getting used to.  (i'd like to mention that i do not pay for anyone to cut my hair or nails...)

and, the lovely mr. leo got neutered today.  (delightful news, i know.)  although he is litter box trained, we were still having issues with him marking his territory when we allowed him to hop around the house.  so hazel wrote a sweet letter to the local vet, offering to work at the office in exchange for getting him neutered.  although the vet informed hazel she was too young to do any work around the office, she lined hazel up with a free neuter through a sponsorship program they had.  very cool.  i will let you know if we get the results we were hoping for.

and the girls are doing great, really enjoying some warm weather and finally being able to play outside in the yard.  i'd also like to note that they have reached a wonderful new place in their relationship where they can play together for hours without fighting.  it is miraculous and beautiful.  i am so very grateful.

i hope you have a fantastic weekend!

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