Sunday, May 6, 2012

parrot wing jasper and chrysocolla

when i went to my local silver supply shop yesterday to buy some basics, i felt intensely drawn to these two beautiful stones, hand-cut by the owner, larry sanchez.  although they both cost significantly more than i usually spend on stones, i couldn't resist them.  once you see them i think you will understand why.  chrysocolla (which is a part of parrot wing jasper) has many wonderful properties, including instilling strength and balance in the wearer.  (it is also said to help ease emotional heartache and increase one's capacity for love.)

the strength & balance necklace,
with a stunning parrot wing jasper

the colors in this stone are just incredible.

 and the sister ring,
with a gorgeous chrysocolla

 this is one of those stones that i just cannot capture in a photo.  it is incredible, so much depth.

these pieces will be in the etsy shop shortly.

i wanted to share this letter with you.  i was recently a presenter for career day at hazel's school.  i received a wonderful book of thank you letters and this was one of them.  precious.

also, while setting up my new blog i have learned a lot about layout, design, etc. that i didn't understand when i initially set up this blog.  you can expect to see some minor changes now as i tweak things around.


Mama B said...

Hi Kristi ~
I love your jewelry ~ it's so gorgeous. I especially love moonstone, amethyst, labradorite, jasper etc. I have bookmarked your store in etsy and hope to buy one of your pieces at some point. You recently made a dog tag for our new chocolate lab puppy, Jade. It looks amazing on her. Anyway, I just wanted to give you a shout~out!

kristi smith said...

that is so cool; i am glad you found me! (and i am glad jade likes her tag)