Friday, September 11, 2009

...on too swift a wing...

"every day has been so short, every hour so fleeting, every minute so filled with the life i love, that time for me has fled on too swift a wing." that quote inspired this piece. it is HEAVY, comprised of a layer of 16 gauge silver with an 18 gauge piece on the back, with the quote. as i am wearing it, i can so clearly feel the weight of it, an awesome reminder for me to truly BE in every moment and honestly enjoy it, whatever it is, even if it's not exactly what i want at that exact second. the stone is my beloved laguna agate, this time a laguna lace agate, in beautiful shades of brown. i added a small smoky quartz and a bit of stamping. i can't part with this one yet... (you may have noticed that i also unlisted the maven soul ring and the raincloud necklace.)

i am a member of a fabulous local artists' cooperative gallery. one of the members does these great calligraphy pieces with beautiful quotes. one day while i was sitting at the desk, i was admiring a new one of hers that i thought said "may peace reveal a path". when she came in to the gallery, i told her i loved the the new piece and she said "you mean the 'may peace prevail on earth' one?" i still liked the words i originally thought it said and when i saw this fabulous stone (a mexican crazy lace agate) i couldn't help but see a long and windy path. in addition to that, crazy lace agate is said to provide insight into the many paths that are available to us. unfortunately, it cracked when i set it, so it is priced significantly lower than it would have otherwise been. i love how it turned out though. it's big, but i used a 22 gauge silver to keep it lightweight. it's in my etsy shop.

these are the "niagara in a barrel" earrings. i have this very vivid memory of riding the "maid of the mist" when i was about 10 or 11. i went to niagara falls with my grandmother and my cousin, ty. we were on the ferry, wearing our oversized rented raincoats to keep from getting soaked by the abundant spray. i clearly remember standing there, being in total awe of the enormity of these falls, and the POWER that water posessed. the turbulence and the force of the noise was overpowering. i remember asking my grandmother "how on earth did people go over those in a barrel?" i just couldn't fathom it. i pictured those people, all cramped up in there, their bellies tight with fear and anticipation and excitement, knowing what was going on outside, just going with the flow and hoping they survived. i imagined that it was quite calm in there, quiet even despite the outside roar.
and so, these here earrings are to remind us that even when everything is turbulent and crazy on the outside, we can be calm and quiet and peaceful on the inside, holding on for dear life. aquamarine is a "stone of courage" , while kyanite brings tranquility and calming. so there ya go. keep calm and carry on, right?

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kathy said...

Hi Kristi, As always I am in awe of your work. I would like to purchase the Niagra earings if they are not already gone. Too bad I won't have them to take to England with me, I am so proud of your work. Tell me how to purchase them if they are not already gone. Love, Kathy Smith