Monday, September 14, 2009

the process

so yesterday i made a few pieces "production line" style. i don't usually do it that way; i usually make one piece from design idea to completion. but i had a few ideas rolling around in my head and a big long day to work, so i thought it would be fun to document the process. here you go:

start with the stones. clockwise: howlite oval, green artisan glass, flower artisan glass (both made by teresa), prehnite with epidote teardrop

cut backplate shapes from silver sheet with saw.

stamp backplate shapes.

solder bezel onto backplate shape. form rings.

solder piece together.

oxidize entire piece.

then, after buffing the piece and setting the stones, you have your finished product:

just watch them float by. ring

soar. ring

trust. ring

special order custom necklace for chris' girlfriend.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for showing the process, that is very interesting! I love that green glass.

Vita said...

Thank you for sharing that process! That is the coolest thing ever to see how the jewellery gets made! :)
From: a serious jewellery lover!

Silver Sparrow Designs said...

i am glad you guys like it; i thought it would be fun to share. maybe i will start documenting more pieces...

Teresa said...

Woo hoo! you rock girlfriend!

traci said...

hey that is pretty awesome kris! Thanks! I continue to be amazed at how incredible your work is. Love you!

Erica M. said...

SO cool to see how it's done! I've always wondered how you do it. Thanks for taking the time to document :)

Melanie said...

Really cool to see how it was made! And LOVE the sunflower, I wear it everyday. Thanks for making it such a fun experience for us, Christmas was such a surprise. Chris keeps telling me we have to take a picture and send it to you... we're working on it.
Thanks so much!