Friday, September 4, 2009

maven soul

my friend's wife is pregnant with twins. i wanted to make her a necklace with moonstone because one of its' many properties is that it helps with pregnancy and childbirth. he liked the design of the maven soul ring (below), so i tweaked it a bit for her. the labradorites are to represent the twins...

this here "maven soul" ring is available in my etsy shop (if you can convince me to take it off my finger). while i was making it the word "maven" kept popping into my head. so i looked it up; it means "one who understands". i do believe i will be using that word again.

so, as you may have read in my etsy shop announcement, i spilled water in to my BRAND NEW macbook pro (apple just upgraded and replaced it about a month ago!). i feared the worst. to make a long story short, i took it in to the apple repair center in durango on monday. the very sweet guy who works there called yesterday to say that he knew i needed to replace the "topcase" which would be $400, and he was pretty sure i needed a new "motherboard" too, which would be $750. however, when he was trying to remove said motherboard, he stripped a screw and basically broke it. sooo, to make up for it, he was going to split the cost of a new one with me, which would still mean that i owed about $800 before i'd have my computer back. (i bought the computer in december for about $1100 and wrote it off on my taxes.) OR, because he messed up, he would be willing to give me a "refurbished" macbook for free, with my original hard drive in it! well, i did not have to think twice. i get to go pick it up on tuesday. he said that once you spill water into one of these babies, they often just continue to fall apart and corrosion messes things up, so i am actually coming out ahead.
maybe i will see if he can fix my ipod...

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