Sunday, September 13, 2009

spider drama

okay, first of all, if spiders gross you out, you better skip this post. second of all, please don't think i am completely crazy or have too much time on my hands. just humor me, okay?

you may recall that my studio has been referred to as "spider dodger studio". well, with the remodel, things got better for sure, but now that the cold weather is creeping back, i've been spotting a few more of the 8 legged beasties around. so i have this rule. if they stay to themselves and mind their own business, i leave them alone. if they come after me, i kill them. you may say that's crazy, spiders do not charge people. but you would be wrong. you see, there are these black spiders in my studio that continually come after me. it is the strangest thing. i see them, slowly making their way down the wall, past my tanks, onto the carpet, right at me! i give them time to make sure that's what they're doing, but once they're close enough, i stomp on them. so, always i am keeping an eye out for them. well today i had my camera out in my studio because i was taking some photos of the pieces i was working on (kind of a step-by-step thing i will probably post tomorrow) and i got a bit distracted by these two black spiders that were sharing a web.

i do not know that much about spiders, but i had definitely never seen that before. i just assume she was in her web and he approached. then, he was doing what could only be described as stroking her, then a bit of thrusting and such, then a fight where she was shaking and waving her legs around, then he left, going down the window. then she went after him, then he followed her back to the web. even spiders have lover's quarrels i guess. i found it all rather fascinating. sorry if you do not feel the same. i guess this also means i should expect a bunch of tiny baby spiders some time soon?

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