Wednesday, January 20, 2010

feeling pretty good...

i went by the artisans gallery today to pick up several pieces that have sold from my etsy shop that are currently on display there.

because the gallery is a cooperative, every 6 months, we rearrange it so that folks get a chance to be in various locations. this is my new spot...

last month was my very best month of sales so far! there had been talk of having some clever valentine's day activities (like women coming in and signing a gift registry and then having an evening where the men artists are working and husbands and boyfriends can come in and shop for their wives and girlfriends. i thought that was a great idea.) so february sales ought to be pretty good too.

while i was there, a couple of local people from an organization called SW COmpassion came in looking for donations for a silent auction they were doing to raise money for haiti. i gave them 3 pieces; it felt really good. (also, please note in the upper right sidebar here on the blog there is a link to a paste magazine site where you can donate any amount and get access to about 300 free downloads, donated by the musicians. there are some good songs there!)

then we had lunch with patty, the lovely woman i am always talking about who is so generous with her fabulous stones. she is so very sweet, and the girls just love her! she's actually offered to watch them every wednesday morning so i can go back to working my shifts at the gallery again. i am looking forward to it.

this here is the latest contender for a new "some rain must fall" necklace! it is laguna lace agate and it is so very beautiful. i am working on grinding it down so that the size and shape are a bit more appropriate, but i believe it is going to work. i am so excited!

and this is a CRAZY rhodochrosite feather that (guess who?) patty hooked me up with. it measures an astonishing 75 x 32 x 6 mm! it is enormous and heavy and so fabulous! i am working on a design for a necklace with it... it will be a certain special someone who connects with it.
we finally got some fresh snow! this here is the garden gate next to my studio, with several inches of fresh snow. can't wait to ski friday!

on an unhappy note, i've been dealing with an extremely rude and frustrating buyer. she bought a pair of small spiral earrings from my etsy shop and mistakenly thought they were "ready to ship", even though it is clearly stated that they are "made to order" and ship in about 10-14 days. so she filed a non-delivery claim with paypal, which is such a hassle! i, of course, have already shipped them and gave her the delivery confirmation #. but she was mean and rude and, unfortunately, those are sometimes the kind of people i have to deal with. i told her to please return the earrings when they arrive and i will refund her money because i do not want people like her wearing my jewelry. is that terrible?


Poppy Q said...

I think it is fine to point out to the crazy customer, that she was being rude and unkind. If she made an honest mistake and misread the information, then she should have said so.

Did Patty make the purple feather cabachon for the necklace I bought? You could tell her that this is one happy customer and I love wearing it. I love the scolleped silver edges too and love to have it on.

From a happy customer
Julie Q
Wellington, NZ

Silver Sparrow Designs said...

thanks, julie! it was definitely a bit unprofessional of me, but i sometimes think that people forget they are dealing with real people when they purchase things online, ya know? maybe it will be good for her to remember that we are all human.

i will tell patty that you love the lepidolite feather necklace. actually, after i reserved it for you, several people asked if i could make another and the truth is, i can't. patty has no more of them, so yours is truly one-of-a-kind!

6512 and growing said...

I love how much you love your work!