Sunday, January 24, 2010

sacred intricacies

the stones

the bezels

the silver

the jewelry

made with prehnite, amethyst, and smoky quartz, the "always remember who you love" necklace will serve as a solid reminder for you. it's sweet and strong and romantic, like your heart

after a record snowfall such as the one we just had, what else could i call this necklace but "snowdrift"? layers upon layers of snow, piling up higher and higher...

a gorgeous laguna agate sits in a delicate bezel that makes me think of snowflakes. because the stone is large, i used lightweight silver for the back plate, and hung it on a light chain to keep it from being too heavy.

the "pure as snow" ring. a marvelous, high dome rainbow moonstone

looking at this stone, a laguna lace agate (used to be known as crazy lace agate), i am so mesmerized. the patterns are so intense and so incredible. i find myself pondering the intricate processes that formed this stone, deep in the earth. and for that matter, all of those sacred, intricate processes that i never take the time to wonder about. all of the systems in our bodies that keep us going, all through our lives; the tides, and the seasons; and migrations and the chemistry of love; cells and molecules and solar systems... processes that rely on so many different things happening in sync. this stone is like that...

we are just coming out on the other side of a huge snowstorm, a blizzard some are saying. (my neighbor says that this is the most snow accumulation from one storm since 1958.) it was intense! the town is so so so so so beautiful! i love a snow like this.
the view of my little house from my shop window

the door to the barn that houses my shop/studio. so much snow was dumping that during the time in between my trips from studio to house, my tracks were covered completely.

luckily, my fabulous woodstove in my studio kept me toasty during the storm.

(to read more about it, check out my friend rachel's blog post 6512 and growing.)

today i did something i've always wanted to do. i skied on the river. not along the river. not beside the river. i was on it. i talked to a friend who said he'd just broken a track and i should try it out. i've always been a bit scared to do it, but he assured me that they made a safe track. so i went for it. it was so beautiful! i skied right out my front door, across the highway and down to the river.

poor little ladder. so confused.

i love where i live.

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6512 and growing said...

So cool to see how your pieces come together! Col was quite impressed too, as we all are with you.