Friday, January 22, 2010

snow, glorious snow!

this is what i woke up to today, looking out of my window. what a fabulous way to wake up! we have been bombarded with snow (and i didn't even have to go dance naked in the yard to get it.) it is simply marvelous!

because sales have been a bit slow this month, i am all caught up with all of my orders and today i am going to make some things for myself! i seem to have lost my wedding ring. (remember, this one?) i have given it a few days and it has not resurfaced, so i am going to make a new one. i am sure as soon as i do, the other will appear. i think i am going to use prehnite this time. i'll share it with you when i am done. i also have another ring i am going to make for myself, with an amazing laguna lace agate. i'll probably make a couple pieces for the shop too because i have some great stones i have been wanting to use.

oh, and juniper wanted me to let you know she is working on thinking outside the box...

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Anonymous said...

Now that is what I call one beautiful Junebug gift in a box!!

Love your blog, Kristi.....and absolutely love that you "keep on keeping on" no matter what!!
The sign of a true artist!!

With you on the way,
Your local folkal
Sheila ( o: