Thursday, February 18, 2010

a bit more about spring

so, for all of my talk about the grandeur of returning spring, and however much i am looking forward to its' arrival, there is on major drawback. can you guess what it is?

that's right. the skiing is not so great. in fact, i went to my favorite local spot, boggy draw, the other day and it was downright terrible.

gone is my beautiful two-track. good-bye fabulous glide...

as much as i am delighted to see all of the beautiful signs of spring (even though i know there is still a while to go before it actually gets here), i do have to allow myself to grieve for the coming ending of cross-country ski season.

i am sure we will get a few more good snows, but, really, it is the beginning of the end. that is one of the most enchanting things about skiing, you have to really appreciate every little bit you get because you can only do it for short while each year.

so, as are so many things, it is a mixed bag. i can't wait for warmth and green and flowers and longer days. but along with that comes mud season and WIND season, and crusty, icy, unstable snow, and no more skiing...

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