Monday, February 15, 2010


just as surely as i am beginning to see the (however tenuous) signs of spring, i think that i can safely say that i am emerging from the funk that has been consuming me for the past several months

the snow is beginning to melt
and i am beginning to have some clarity surrounding the specific circumstances in my life that have been really tugging me down

i am starting to see patterns and habits in a whole new light

there are juniper berries on the trees and
i feel as if i am having a bit of an awakening

just as these plants are struggling to come back,
i am trying to weed out unproductive thoughts and beliefs
and plant seeds of uplifting

the ground is showing through once more, beneath the snow

and i can pretty clearly see where my work lies

although i know another storm can come at any time,
i also know that the promise of spring is just around the corner

i am shifting my focus and my energy back where it belongs,
on my family, on myself, on my home, and on my work

wish me luck...


littlecherryhill said...

Your little girls are sooo cute!

susie said...

Here's to the coming spring and the rebirthing and rejoycing it brings. Here's to longer days, warmer nights, and flowers rising up from the snow.

traci said...

This may be my favorite post yet. Very inspiring and the pictures are stunning! So glad you're feeling better. I love you!