Sunday, February 14, 2010


behold her, single in the field
yon solitary highland lass
reaping and singing by herself
stop here, or gently pass

and here she is ... the lioness
although not written about a lioness, these words by william wordsworth (stamped on the back) describe her perfectly. she is regal and majestic and alone. she answers to one. she takes care of herself. unlike their cousins who live with many others in a pride, mountain lions are solitary creatures. they are strong and solid and independent. i've been working on a design for her for a while now. this bracelet, which is kind of like a half cuff, fits the theme perfectly.

it features a hand-cut lioness, mounted on a hammered and distressed plate. she wraps herself lovingly around your wrist, offering you strength and protection. on one side of her there is a beautiful, high-domed owyhee jasper, depicting a high desert mesa where you would see her, the lioness, roaming, reaping, and singing. there is also a round willow creek jasper in a tawny color, very much like a mountain lion's coat.

and the second desiderata piece, a necklace

this piece contains his line "be yourself. especially do not feign affection" stamped on four sides of a silver bar. at the center of the necklace is a beautiful prehnite with epidote oval. it is a gorgeous apple green with thick black epidote crystals suspended within. dangling from the oval is a lovely teardrop shaped golden rutilated quartz.

p.s. susie, if you're reading this, will you e-mail me? ( i have tried several times to leave comments on your blog and i can't!


Patty said...

another incredible bracelet and necklace!

traci said...

wow wow wow kris! I love this set! They are just so unique and perfect. Nice work :)

susie said...

that bracelet is such a strong piece. Always enjoy your use of words and choice of stones, very fitting. Enjoy your day!