Monday, February 22, 2010

elk song

have you ever been high up in the mountains in the fall, admiring the colors of the foliage, when all of a sudden you hear the sound of an elk bugling? if you have, then you know that it is the most haunting and beautiful sound. it is the sound the male elk makes during mating season (often called "rutting", but i prefer "mating"). it is the sound of him, calling to her. it is the sound of pure, wild desire. it is intense and beautiful.

last week, for the first time ever, the local elk ventured down from the hills into town. it is so fantastic. they are just hanging out on the cliffs. now when we are on a walk, instead of seeing the black goat who usually hangs out up there, there is a lovely elk family, babies and all.

this necklace is a tribute to the wonderful, wild creature that is the elk. i cut out a negative space image of the elk, and bezel set a stone behind him. the stone has only been identified to me as "fossil stone". it has the most beautiful colors in it, colors of fall and hills and rivers. the patterns are glorious! and, the pendant is reversible. the other side, without the elk, features the stone, and the backside of the chalcedony dangle has a beautiful, crystally druzy. you can wear it either way! the pendant measures 2 3/4" (including the dangle) x 1 3/4". the chain, heavy, textured, oxidized, is adjustable from about 16" to 18". my signature raindrop with initials and sparrow , with the words "elk song" on the back, and a lobster clasp complete the piece.

i also made the "awakening" necklace yesterday.

as you know, i am ready for spring. i am ready to see green, and flowers, and ground that is not frozen and snow-covered. this necklace is so very springy. it features a fabulous dreamy blue marquis-shaped chalcedony. there is also a sweet little pale lavender glass cabochon with a tiny blue flower, and a faceted rainbow moonstone. there is one of my tri-leaf pieces, along with a scattering of silver balls. a basket handle bail completes it.

and juniper says happy monday!

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Anonymous said...

That elk necklace is amazing! Have you heard of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation? They would be all over that? (they print Bugle Magazine...)