Friday, February 5, 2010


i really, truly, sincerely LOVE having my own business. except, of course, when tax time comes. you may have noticed that i haven't been here, on the blog, lately. nor have i listed any new items lately. no siree. i have not been out in my studio, except late at night to complete orders that need to be shipped immediately. i have been doing everything that my right-brained self rebels against: organizing and sorting and counting and calculating and analyzing... a.k.a taxes. here is my very professional system:

i intend to finish all of my calculating of expenses and mileage this weekend, and then turn the whole shabang over to the dear lady who will take all of my bits and pieces and turn it into a refund!

on a happier note, i did take junebug out to a lovely local restaurant, the farm, for her birthday date yesterday. (her birthday is monday. we are having her little party tomorrow.) she loved it!
and here are the girls this morning

and the dogs, wishing that we were skiing rather than taxing, but making the best of their time together

p.s. i am planning a very special series, based on the desiderata, all with a common stone (wanna guess which one?). as soon as i am done with all of this paperwork, i can start it!


traci said...

I love your blog.

Amanda said...

Hello -- I read your blog often and enjoy your work very much. I am gonna take guess at the stone of choice -- prehnite?

Have a wonderful weekend!

6512 and growing said...

Impressed that you're doing taxes in early February.

Happy birthday June!!!

Silver Sparrow Designs said...

i love YOU, dear traci!

welcome, amanda! and, yes, you are absolutely correct; the stone of choice is prehnite. you must be visiting regularly ;~)

and, rachel, don't be too impressed. i am just hoping to get them done early so we can get our refund before spring break so we can go somewhere WARM!

Anonymous said...
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