Wednesday, March 9, 2011

new do's

so i recently realized that each day here in the smith household begins and ends with me hurting my children. brushing/ fixing their hair in the mornings and brushing/ braiding it each night before bed. they cry and they yell and they even sometimes cower. it occurred to me that it was nothing but vanity keeping me from cutting it off. so, yesterday, we headed on down to great clips and they got it chopped. i have cut hazel's hair before, but june's- never!

hazel opted to keep hers a bit longer, with bangs. june's is super short and so sweet.

also, hazel came out to the shop with me this weekend. she did some stamping on a piece of copper and did a really good job. she said that she couldn't wait until we could make jewelry together, melted my heart!

she also cleaned and organized all of my cabs, dear girl...


tattooedblogger said...

Try a silk pillowcase

Silver Sparrow Designs said...


Belinda Saville said...

Love those haircuts! I'm sure there will be far less crying and yelling in the Smith household now ;-) My daughter is nearly three and a half, and I haven't been able to bear cutting her hair's rather wild and unruly! LOL

Your little apprentice is SO adorable (and what a good girl to organise all of your cabs! My two munchkins usually hide my metal stamps or my flex shaft attachments all over the house LOL) I think it's fantastic that you're letting her do a bit of stamping. You two will be creating beautiful jewellery together before you know it!


Vita Hoyles said...

My girl is ALWAYS crying when I brush her hair, no matter how gentle I am. But no....she still screams!! Will HAVE to try the silk pillowcase that Delia suggested!! :)

Your girls look beautiful, by the way!!! Such good helpers too! teeheee! :)

Silver Sparrow Designs said...

belinda, yes, things are much calmer around here in the morning and at bedtime, we don't even comb it any more! yay! and i think junebug looks even sassier than before. and yes, i cannot wait to create some pieces with her.

and vita, did you try the silk pillowcase? i'm very curious!