Saturday, March 19, 2011

oh, rivets, where have you been all my life?

i have been having a blast with rivets! it seems the possibilities are endless. here are some pieces i made this week:

the "and then you win" necklace,
with laguna agate

the flower comes right up out of the stone and i fold-formed the leaves.

i need to find more stones with vugs...

first they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win
~mahatma gahndi

i LOVE this piece!

the "in the arms of buffalo bill" ring,
with incredible vintage royston turquoise

one of the reasons i was so excited to learn how to do rivets is because i love the idea of kinetic jewelry, the kind that has movement. these flowers spin! i suspect that if you were wearing this ring, you would fidget with the flowers and spin them all day long.

as you know, i think that ian felice is the greatest songwriter of our time. this ring is about his song, in the arms of buffalo bill.

tonight’s the nicest night this year
let’s take a walk down to the pier
throw our bottles at the night
hear them fall like dynamite
now you run, in light summer clothes
and on your hands,
lines no one knows
in your eyes is a fire on the hill
now you stand in the arms of buffalo bill
friday night is on the town
all the boys are running around
but all night i’ll be here
holding onto you in fear
there you sit, in your own neon air
in your hands is your long braided hair
in your eyes is a fire on a hill
and now you stand in the arms of buffalo bill

the "grace" necklace,
with glorious chrysoprase

and a tube riveted bail

and a sister "grace" ring

dainty and sweet

and a new resolve ring,
love this rose cut labradorite

all of these pieces will be in the shop tonight!
hope you are having an excellent weekend.


mamabeaks said...

gosh, you're good! i love the rivets.

Vita Hoyles said...

Good golly miss molly!!! These pieces are GORGEOUS!!! Love the first two especially!! Beautiful work Kristy!!

Silver Sparrow Designs said...

thanks so much, linda and vita! i do love the rivets. unfortunately, the pieces i make with them are a bit more expensive due to the amount of time put into them, but i am hoping that won't really matter in the long run. i am making another piece today that i am excited about. i have been trying to work out the kinks in the design for the last few days...