Wednesday, March 30, 2011

precious metal clay

i had so much fun with patty today, playing with pmc! it took some getting used to, but i think i got the hang of it.

i made some very simple pieces. here they are before they are fired.

this is patty's cute little kiln. they cooked for about 20 min.

here they are after cooking...

...and here they are all cleaned up, oxidized, and finished.
pmc costs almost exactly twice as much as sterling silver. this could be an expensive addition to my work.
what do you think?


Patty said...

Absolutely LOVELY!!!

Patty said...

Wow, the star reallly looks great! They all doooooo!

nancycreations said...

Looks like you enjoyed yourself girlie, I haven't done alot of pmc , but I think it's cool als the bronze clay as well, I always think it would be great to add some pmc elements to a sterling silver creations. Plus I love the hollow forms in pmc check out cecile fago she does some awesome stuff with pmc

Lisa-Maladylis said...

PMC is so much fun but expensive like you said. you should try bronze clay, it's very cheep compared to the silver. But the firing is alot more expensive though. I just bought the equipment to do it the right way finally. Did you fire that star with the bezel on it or solder that on afterwards ? Love the things you made. have fun !

Schmuckliebhaber said...

Thanks for the great tip. I will absolutely try it yourself. Love you and good luck

DalaHorse said...

I think your pmc pieces turned out great...i had a hard time getting the control i need to have over the material and kinda stalled with it. Holly Gage and Celie Fago..Lorena Angulo are tops in that area...beautiful design work!

Silver Sparrow Designs said...

patty~ i love you!

nancy~ yes, that's what i have in mind, maybe just some embellishing and small additions here and there.

lisa~ i made the star with a little bezel cup in it before i fired it. you have to allow for shrinkage though.

katerina~ let me know if i can help!

and sue~ yes i struggled at first. it is a much softer medium than i am used to! but i intend to experiment a bit; i really like it!