Tuesday, March 1, 2011

patty sent me these photos of the happy simon (who also has a new haircut).

many of you have asked questions about my detox diet. although i don't like to call it a diet, because that implies that i am doing it to lose weight. in fact, it may be that i am gaining weight. i made a mistake in my last post; i have actually been doing this detox for one month as of today. the strict regiment hasn't really been an issue. it's quite simple really. the hunger in between meals has been difficult, especially on days when i ski or work out. and i am usually ravenous by the time my dinnertime meal of protein comes along. i do not really miss sugar or sweets believe it or not. (but i do sometimes dream of chocolate) i am doing just fine without gluten too. but i would be lying if i said i did not miss coffee or beer. i do miss both of those dearly. (i now daily drink approximately 96 ounces of water instead.) however, i am just now beginning to feel the extra energy that i was told to expect. i am sleeping really well. i feel good, i really do. i think that i can make it at least another two months, if not the full five.

and, i have actually decided to quit the gallery after all. i tried to resolve issues, but it did not work out. let's just say that for a cooperative gallery, many of the people there are not very cooperative. however, the good news is there are now four galleries that will soon be carrying my work. the newest is this one! also, the wildflower boutique in ouray, along with picaya in telluride and azul in durango. unlike the "cooperative" gallery, i will not have to work any shifts at these galleries. i will not have to pay monthly dues. i will not have to attend meetings. and i will not have to put up with all of the drama that comes along with all of that. sure, these new galleries will take a percentage of my profit, but i believe it is absolutely worth the cost. also, i have applied to two shows this summer. i will let you know whether or not i am accepted!

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Teresa said...

Oh Simon does look so happy...what a good story!

Congratulations on the new gallery. It looks awesome and in a really cool town. I totally understand about the coop. I did a coop for a year and a half with what sounds like the same issues...I prefer a drama-fee life! LOL

Cheers my friend!