Monday, February 28, 2011

a lovely visit.

my mom and dad came down for the weekend; we had a great time.

we went out to lunch.

(it appears as though juniper is eating crayons...)

the girls helped dad install a new dishwasher.
(guess who gave it to us for free? yep. patty.)

it is tradition for my dad to help glenn do the blue mountain triathlon. this inspired june to don this "race outfit".

all the racing must have worn her out.
i don't think she's fallen asleep on me since she was tiny.

we also went to telluride and rode the gondola. glenn and i actually woke up early and went up first for a little ski date, then we met everyone in telluride for lunch.

thanks, mom and dad, for everything!

the girls spent the night at my parents' hotel both saturday and sunday night. glenn and i were all excited to have a date night. did we put on our finest clothes and go out for a nice dinner? no. did we go to the local annual "cabin fever reliever" dance party? no we did not. did we at least go down to the pub for a few beers? nope. we were so excited to have a night at home to ourselves that we put on our sweats, snuggled up, and watched a movie. it was awesome.

in other news, i am starting the fourth week of my detox diet. so far, so good. though i did allow myself a few indulgences this weekend with my folks. i figured the only way i am going to make it 3-6 months is if i get to cheat a little bit here and there. my naturopath said that if i do indulge a bit, i should eat extra beets the next day to help clear out the toxins.

also, the girls and i are going to santa fe with patty in a couple of weeks for the santa fe beadfest! i am so excited! i will even be taking an all day class where i will be learning some new metalsmithing techniques. patty tells me that simon is getting along famously at her place. he runs along behind the tractor while she feeds the horses. he runs up and down the long driveway every time someone comes to visit. he and her little jack russell terrier, baxter, just run. i think that is what he needed. i am so happy for him. i got to see him the other day and he was just beside himself. i think he is a bit confused about why he's not coming home with me when i leave, but i know he is very happy there. patty rules.


susie said...

Looks like the makings for a wonderful weekend.

I'm wondering how you're feeling on the detox. I've been sick a lot this winter (I have Strep right now), and the weight keeps piling on (even though I don't feel like I'm eating anymore than usual). I'm wondering how your health and energy levels are. I think I'll buy some beets tomorrow and give them a try (baby steps)

So happy Simon is happy at his new home with plenty of room to run.

Take care.

Teresa said...

I would love to see you when you come to Santa Fe. Maybe I could meet up with you guys sometime during your visit.