Friday, February 4, 2011

go green

today i finished four pieces that i started on wednesday and was just too worn out to complete. (that's one of the side effects of the start of the detox. as my body's purging all of these toxins, i will feel crappy for a bit.) i was feeling pretty green i guess. maybe i am longing for spring after all.

the "leap in the dark" necklace,
with a stunning faceted green garnet,

and a wire-wrapped peridot chain.
these peridots are so lovely- faceted, chunky and juicy.

i can't get a good shot of this stone;
it is a beautiful deep mossy green.

"all growth is a leap in the dark."
~henry miller

a new "resolve" ring,
with an absolutely gigantic, fantastic labradorite.

the dome on this is incredibly high,

and the blue flash is beautiful.

(i do have one more like this, a greener one...)

a new "child of the universe" necklace,
with an amazing golden prehnite.

i've never see prehnite like this anywhere else,
except from shamus, from australia

the bottom has this intense golden color,
fading into the fabulous green that only prehnite can do.

a new "grace" ring,
with a striking chrysoprase teardrop.

i hope to get a few more pieces done for you before i go out of town next week. i hope you all have wonderful weekends. tomorrow we celebrate juniper's birthday!


mamabeaks said...

these are all beautiful, i especially love the prehnite piece, what a color! I am on a MAJOR diet for health reasons and i probably would do good doing a detox, i've been reading alot about them.......... good luck with yours, you will feel better and have a lovely family weekend.

Lisa-Maladylis said...

all beautiful for sure, green is my favorite ! I just can't go to shows like that, I have too many hundreds of lbs of stone in my barn that I still need to make into cabochons,. I did finally start though !

Silver Sparrow Designs said...

wow, lisa! very nice work! are you planning to sell your cabs?

Lisa-Maladylis said...

woops, I wrote in the wrong thread, I have both of those set and almost finished. I'll start selling them when i can get a head in having more cabbed than I can set. :-)

susie said...

Happy birthday little Juniper:)

So beautiful, I especially love the teardrop shaped ring. It brings me joy to see your work fly from your shelves. Wishing you continued growth and safe travels next week.

I thought you were looking longer and leaner, good luck with your new cleansing diet, please keep us up to date as to how you feel on it (we've been trying to implement some healthier habits and whole foods here).