Sunday, February 13, 2011

and again...

i left boulder thursday morning and skied at the eldora nordic center. it cost $22, it was ridiculously cold and insanely windy, but it was totally worth it. it's a completely different experience skiing at these types of places than skiing the backwoods spots i usually frequent. and truthfully, i prefer my own little trails, but i had a blast nonetheless.

then i headed down to denver. i had dinner with jen and her family at the watercourse restaurant. (thank you so much!) it was wonderful to see them and the food was delicious. and then on to the...

this is the opening band, misleadingly called "mountain man".
they were so good, mostly just vocalizing. very different.

(this was at the end of "mariner's revenge song". in case you've never seen it live, the band acts the song out; it's a lot of fun. they are not just musicians, they are total performers and their shows are like no other. )

ya gotta love colin.

and friday i stopped at the vail nordic center on my way home.


i know i have said it before, but these little trips are so very very good for me. they allow me a bit of time to myself, time to regroup and re-center, to rejuvenate myself and refill. i come home feeling refreshed and recharged and ready to take it all on again. and seeing live music has always been such an essential part of my existence. i am amazingly lucky to have a husband who understands all of this and allows me this time to myself while he holds down the fort at the homestead. of course, i adore him.

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