Monday, February 14, 2011

gentle compassion, release, change, and growth

the "release and grow" ring,
with an absolutely incredible prudent man plume agate.
terry at lost sierra cut this stone for me a long time ago to use for a belt buckle. but somehow it wasn't meant to be a buckle, and now it is a ring.

it has a beautiful dome and i put it on a nice wide band.

just look at the colors and pattern.
there is such depth and intricacy to this stone.
(you should zoom in on it.)

plume agate is said to provide for a gentle release of those conditions which have been inhibiting ones growth. it's amazing how we hold on so tightly to things that would do us so much good to be rid of. release and grow... let it go...

it is quite large.
i love it.

a new "child of the universe" ring,
with prehnite and epidote

the apple green of this stone is so fabulous,
and the black inclusions are such a lovely contrast.

again, from the desiderata, max ehrmann

the "compassion" ring,
with rose cut rainbow moonstone

moonstone has so many wonderful properties. one of them is to provide for spiritual nourishment and a loving compassion to assist one through changes.

beautiful flash


and a "be the change" necklace,
with rose cut labradorite

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Rag and Stone said...

love the connections on your labradorite necklace, such good use of movement and pattern, beeeeautiful! Love your work...and once again, well done!