Saturday, June 25, 2011


some new pieces for you...

the "just let it go" necklace

with a fabulous laguna agate

whatever it is that is weighing you down. you don't need it. it is only hurting you. shed it. just let it go. be peaceful and easy like the soft soothing colors of this stone.

(EDIT: i am just looking at this and realizing i look quite haggard in this photo! i guess i should tell you that i didn't sleep very well the past two nights. little daisy was partying all night in her cage in the tent...)

the "may peace reveal a path" necklace

with a really beautiful crazy lace agate

sometimes, if you can just be still, just find some peace for yourself, even for a few moments, a path will be revealed for you. a new path has recently been revealed to me! more on that in a minute...

a new resolve ring

with a fabulous flash

a strength ring

with a wonderful high dome turquoise

a pair of refrain earrings

with beautiful prehnite trios...

cascading from your ears...

and another with aquamarine and amethyst

and, we had a wonderful time camping in telluride this week. i did the farmer's market again yesterday so we all camped up there thursday and last night. it was great.

daisy (ahem) came with us.

we bought her a little leash with a harness and she had herself a fantastic time.

sweet little ellie still needs a home
(before junebug loves her to death)

and molly and daisy are getting acquainted.

now, back to my new path? so, lately i've been feeling super restless, unsettled. as i've mentioned quite frequently, my little trips to go see music have been a lifeline for me this last year. but they have also rekindled my wanderlust. prior to being married and having children, i traveled quite a bit, to see music, and just to go. doing the shows that i have done this summer has made me realize that i have inadvertently created a lifestyle for myself where i can travel, not just for fun, but for work. i know that a lot of people do not like doing shows, but me? i love them. and i've realized that i want to do more of them. i want to incorporate traveling to shows into my business, into my life. up until now, i haven't really done that very much. and the main reason is space. i simply cannot fit all of the things that i need to do a show into the car along with the family and all of our own stuff.

so last week i had a moment of peace and clarity and realized that the next step for me in my life was to find a little travel trailer so that i could start doing more shows. that way we wouldn't have to stay in hotels and we could cook all of our food, save on all of the expenses that add up when i do them now. we can choose locations where we'd like to go as a family anyway and plan trips around art shows. it makes perfect sense.

so then, as always happens when i am on the right path, a fabulous thing happened. i went to the post office and ran into an old friend who also works hard to manifest her life. i was telling her all of this and she got this really funny look on her face. she told me that her brother had just offered to sell her his trailer for a ridiculously cheap price. i called him. we talked. he lives about two hours away; he is sending me photos in the morning and i am going to buy one of these next week...

i cannot wait to see what adventures await us!


susie said...

It seems some of your pieces say just what I'm thinking at the time. Love them (almost as much as the picture of Daisy the bunny on a leash;) It really is amazing, the trailer, I'm so excited for you. It gives me faith to trust that when you are on the right path things will go your way. Take care

Anonymous said...

Your new path sounds wonderful!

And those earrings are something else.

Teresa said...

so, so happy for you! And the new pieces are beautiful!

Silver Sparrow Designs said...

thanks so much, you guys! i am giddy with excitement about this trailer. i can't wait!

and susie, yes, daisy is pretty spectacular!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh!!! That's a picture of MY trailer that you have on your blog! actual trailer in my driveway! haha.

Silver Sparrow Designs said...

no way! that is so funny! do you love it?