Tuesday, June 14, 2011

what a fabulous trip!

i just cannot tell you what a wonderful time we had...

yes, it was a looong drive. (about 13 hours each way)

but sooooooo worth it!

this place is incredible.

our lovely camp...

and the path that led to the beach.

"jumping the waves" was the favorite beach activity.

the awesome camp cook in action

lots of critters at this beach too...

i think he was some kind of heron.

the pelicans were spectacular.

oh, hello dolphins!

seagulls mingling with ravens...

and the sweetest seal.

and i was, of course, so very inspired by the amazing, foreign, gifts of the seascape.

it was simply wonderful. the ocean always brings me such clarity. i can sit there and all of a sudden things make so much sense to me. because it was my birthday, and because he's fabulous, glenn allowed me wonderful, long, solo walks on the beach. nothing else in this world brings me the peace that walking on the beach does. it was amazing. we have vowed to return to this spot every summer until we die.

we camped at a KOA in needles, california on the way home.

beach refugees in the desert


Lisa-Maladylis said...

wow, what a exciting trip of beauty and calmness. I'm envious ! I miss the west beaches, the east beaches are sooo cold ! It looks like you had a lovely time and everyone enjoyed them selves. Happy Birthday !!

DalaHorse said...

Kristi--Looks like a wonderful trip....and Happy Birthday!...you captured some fabulous images!