Wednesday, June 15, 2011

happy birthday, hazel!

hazel turned 6 yesterday. it is nearly impossible for me to conceive. she is such a grown up little lady all of a sudden. (look at her little legs crossed.) so smart and witty and responsible and sweet. i adore her more everyday, as she blossoms into this amazing person right before my eyes. oh, how wonderful she is.

her birthday party is this saturday, a princess party. these shoes were a must. (wait until you see the entire outfit.)

she was made to cover her eyes while i retrieved her special gift.

here is little daisy, the newest member of our family. she will be an indoor bunny, litter box trained, though we will also get her an outdoor hutch. last night the girls slept on the floor next to her cage. hazel is so sweet and good with her. junebug? well, let's just say that she is a bit aggressive with her affection and we need to work on that.

4 weeks old and as sweet as can be.

she made fast friends with ellie.

until ellie got a bit rough.

we went to our "beach" for a birthday picnic lunch.

june had a blast.

this little bunny doesn't know how lucky she is. i can't wait to watch the relationship between she and hazel as it unfolds over the years. so special.


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to Hazel! I have been thinking about her and the bunny! I bet she was thrilled.

Teresa said...

SMILES!!!! That is what your post gave me. I love bunnies! What a special treat for her. Happy Birthday to your special "young lady."

love, t

DalaHorse said...

Happy Birthday to you Hazel....i love your little bunny!

Silver Sparrow Designs said...

thanks you guys! she is such a sweetheart...