Tuesday, June 21, 2011


i made this necklace today, in honor of our recent trip to the beach

with the most fabulous ocean jasper;
it looks like the surf coming in...

and this here is a custom belt buckle that i made for a friend,

for his brother's 40th birthday.

in other news, the garden is doing very well. the nights are still pretty cold here, so things happen rather slowly, but growth is happening. of course, i made the genius move of covering the garden with straw that happens to be grass seed. so i have essentially planted grass in all of my garden beds...




as far as the kittens go, i have found a home for two of them. ellis (gray stripes) and elmer (orange) will go to their new home (together!) tomorrow. little ellie will stay with us until somebody claims her.

i apologize for not having more pieces for the shop. i guess for the time being i am focusing on summer shows, which is a lot of fun. i promise i will have new pieces for you soon!

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