Tuesday, June 28, 2011

girl time

so glenn's been gone for the past three days, on a backpacking trip. the girls and i have had a lot of fun. among other things, we hung out at the river in durango, went and saw the new cars movie, went swimming, had picnics, and played in a tub in the yard. (if that looks familiar to you, it's because that's where the baby chicks were living. is that considered "repurposing"?)

glenn went and climbed five mountains in three days. my good friend shannon commented that just as i can't just go see one concert like a normal person, i have to follow the band around the west; glenn can't just go climb one mountain; he has to climb five.


DalaHorse said...

yep....repurposing...we all have to follow our passions...makes life interesting!

uhooi said...
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