Sunday, June 5, 2011

off to the beach!

(photo courtesy of curtiss photography)

we are leaving tomorrow for the beach!!! i can hardly wait! we still have a few things to finish up in the morning but we will be on our way by early afternoon. this photo was taken at el capitan state beach, where we will be camping. it's about 17 miles north of santa barbara. it will be fabulous.

the river fest yesterday was lovely. it was a successful day and i had a great time catching up with a lot of the awesome people that live in my wonderful little town. unfortunately, i did not take any photos for you guys. i apologize.

also, i have been invited to participate in the telluride farmers' market! that might not seem like much, but it is a very great market, and quite competitive for artisans. telluride is a very beautiful and wealthy community; i've heard really wonderful things about selling there. and, my first one will be the weekend of the telluride bluegrass festival! many thousands of people come to telluride for this festival. the decemberists and mumford & sons are playing there this year. (which is probably why it SOLD OUT before i got my tickets!) i anticipate that it will be a very busy day for me. which is why i need to rest up and relax on the beach this week and be ready to work hard when i return!

i have put my etsy shop in to vacation mode and i am not even bringing my computer with me on this trip. aaaaahhhhh.....

see you on sunday, when i announce the winner of the giveaway!

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