Thursday, November 19, 2009

a certain kind of peace

i recently came across my old sketchbook/ journal from late high school and early college. wow! what a trip. smelling of sandalwood and covered with dancing bears and jimi hendrix, but missing the sweet little wooden flower i had painted and glued on the front, it blasted me back about 15 years. inside it, i found a poem. a gem of a poem that really allowed me to be back in my skin at the time i wrote it. i was a starving college student. i had dreadlocks and lived in an old quonset hut where you walked downhill in the kitchen, the bathroom sink came off the wall periodically and when it rained i had to sleep on the left side of my bed so as not to get wet.

here is the 19 year old hippie musing in its' entirety:

i' been thinking about change
i' been thinking about masks
i' been thinking about maturity
that comes when no one asks.

i' been wonderin' about people
i' been wonderin' about love
i' been wonderin' about the moon
who controls from up above.

i' been pondering relationships
i' been pondering friends
i' been pondering beginnings
and pondering ends.

i' been broodin' over knowledge
i' been broodin' over "facts"
i been broodin' over religion
and what it is mine lacks.

there's a certain kind of peace that comes with knowing you don't know,
a contentment that accompanies the anticipation of knowledge,
but i'm beginning to wonder just what it is i'm supposed to learn in college.

so i went out to my shop last night with that poem resonating in my head, chuckling to myself, and this is what i made. it seems a whirlwind of activity and questions and wondering. it brings to mind a quest and i can imagine frodo wearing it. in the center is a beautiful rio grande texas agate, a stone i'd never heard of before. it is a fascinating swirl of purples and grays and magentas. quite stunning.

it's in my etsy shop.


Anonymous said...

You certainly put that poem to good use! What a gorgeous piece!

6512 and growing said...

I love it Kristi, all of it, the poem, the memories and the pendant!

Anonymous said...

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