Tuesday, November 24, 2009


maybe you remember this ring. it's the "just our flashlights and our love" ring. inspired by conor oberst's song at the bottom of everything.

well, shortly after i listed it, i was contacted by a very sweet lady, rhenn. i got a convo from her, describing how she HAD to have this ring and she too adored conor oberst and that i somehow reminded her of her future self. so we arranged a payment plan. she put notes in her shop announcement(RainbowKandy.etsy.com) about how she was having a sale to save up for this ring. and, she wrote this very touching blog entry about why she needed to have it. (after reading this, i realized that she very much reminded me of myself at her age) anyway, it is on its' way to her today and i am honored to have such a lovely person wear this ring.

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