Friday, November 6, 2009


so i re-opened my etsy shop on sunday, a little bit nervous about how sales would go after being closed for a month. i've also changed things around a bit, in an attempt to have more "ready to ship" sales than "made to order" sales. well, i have sold 10 items already this week! yee-haw! i hope it keeps up. i would love to have my sales consist mostly of pieces that i have already made, soul-satisfying pieces that i can share with my customers, ya know? i'd rather NOT have a repeat of last year's holiday season, when i made over 200 guitar picks, staying up until 2 am every night, slaving away in my shop... i think it would be just lovely to consistently have several "ready to ship" sales a week. that could be the answer to my balance struggle. if i can use the precious time that i get out in my shop to make the pieces i really want to make and sell a few of those pieces each week, well that would just be alright with me!

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