Sunday, November 8, 2009

sand canyon

well, somebody got a hold of some scissors yesterday (on dad's watch!) and cut her hair. SO, i had to do my best to salvage it... please tell me what you think!

then we had a lovely family hike at sand canyon. it is one of my very favorite spots for desert hiking and i always feel so fortunate to have it so close. we were there in the early afternoon and the light and the temperature and everything was just perfect. i found myself really appreciating the beauty in every little thing in the canyon.

glenn & june

simon & molly

junebug & i

miss hazel, with her new haircut & bobby

view of mcelmo canyon

juniper berry

juniper berries

this is a liquor store that we pass on the way down to sand canyon. i've always gotten such a kick out of its' name. i thought you might too...

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kathy said...

Hazel's hair looks so sweet! She is really a lovely child. Pictures of June also very endearing! Miss you and so dlad we will be seeing you soon. Love, Kathy