Sunday, November 15, 2009

new flower pieces!

after taking a break from flower pieces for a bit, i find myself wanting to make them again. i listed two new ones last week and they both sold almost immediately. the new cabs i got on friday inspired me to make some more new pieces this weekend.

i am absolutely in love with this ring. it is dainty, feminine and delicate, antique-ish and victorian, yet strong and dark and modern. (i know i say it all the time, but i may not be able to part with it...)

i couldn't choose between my two design ideas for my next "without darkness" piece, so i made both of them. this one features a beautiful gray, purple, and blue flower with an amethyst sidekick.

my favorite part is the handmade, wire-wrapped chain

and i adore the turquoise and brown combination in this one

have a lovely day!


Shannon said...

Love your new pieces Kristi...amazing!

6512 and growing said...

You are amazing - and I needed to see that quote about darkness today. Whew, what a dark time.