Monday, November 9, 2009

productive day

well, yesterday was my first full 8 hour day out in the studio in a looong time. i was quite productive! here's what i made:

this was a custom order. a customer saw the one n my shop that sold this summer and asked me to make another. for some reason, i really loved this one more than the original.

it's funny. when i first came up with the design for my lanterns, i thought they would be a huge hit. there is just something so appealing about them to me. and i did sell a few right away, but then a lot of them just sat in my etsy shop for a while. they continued to be very popular at the artist's cooperative gallery i am a part of though so i have continued to make them steadily. now, all of a sudden, they are selling on etsy again. so i made a few simple necklaces and 4 pairs of earrings. they are so satisfying to make and i am quite pleased with this batch.

cherry red. handmade glass

faceted rose quartz

tumbled baby blue handmade glass

imperial red jasper

tumbled chocolate handmade glass

boulder opal

(i LOVE these!) prehnite and tourmaline

and this ring... a good friend asked me to design an engagement ring using this beautiful 3 mm emerald. evidently we were not on the same page because when i finished it he said it was not at all what he had in mind (i suppose my designs do tend to be a bit un-traditional.) so, i am selling it in my shop!
emerald, peridot, iolite.
past, present, future.
the inside says "my heart is yours forever".

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