Friday, November 20, 2009

juniper wishes you a happy friday


emmabean said...

is this your daughter, Juniper??
she's so sweet!

we named our daughter Juniper, too (she's 10 months old)!
i'm so glad we did.

the name makes people happy (as well as the girl ;)

Silver Sparrow Designs said...

yes, that's our younger daughter. she will be two on february 8th. that's great you named your daughter juniper too! it's not a very common name. we usually call her junebug though (can't help it!)

Emily said...

Our Juniper's birthday is on February 6th!!

Definietly not a common name... but i am befuddled that i've had TWO people say "that's the second Juniper i know"...! :o Funny that my name is Emily which was VERY un-common for a child born in the mid-60's and NOW the name is EVERYwhere... but i don't think Juniper will take the same course ;)

we use junebug, too. :) ...and juni and junipoo ...and even "li'l pinetop"...! ;)