Thursday, June 10, 2010

a lovely day

i had a fantastic birthday today! i woke up to hazel singing to me. then the girls and i hung out for a bit and went to the lake for the day. when we got home, glenn allowed me the incredible luxury of an afternoon nap. then we all went to the local pub and had dinner with some friends outside on the patio. my favorite gift was from my mother. she sent me a photo album with many handwritten recipe cards with all of my favorite recipes. it was a beautiful, relaxing day, and i tried to really focus on bring grateful for my life and all of the wonderful people, circumstances, and experiences in it.

thank you all for all of your wonderful comments on the giveaway. i will do the drawing tomorrow afternoon, so there is still time to enter!


Poppy Q said...

Happy birthday Kristi, sounds like a lovely day with your sweet little family.

julie Q

susie said...

Sounds like the wonderful way to spend the day - Happy Birthday!

My MIL gave me a recipe box last X-Mas filled with all of their family recipes. It is so nice to be able to make Tom all of the meals he grew up with and remembers. Things like that are really special.