Sunday, June 13, 2010


today i made the "wishing well" necklace. i used to think that wishing was a pretty passive way to go about getting what you want. i was certain that there were other, much more effective ways, like intending and visualizing and manifesting. but it occurred to me that wishing is the first step; it is what kick-starts those other actions, which in turn bring about what you hope for. so this here is my little tribute to wishing. you can carry around with you, close to your heart, not only your own personal wishing well, but the penny to throw into it!

with apatite

and 36 little "cobbles", forming the well.

oh, and, what's this? your own little (very) shiny lucky penny on the back!

and, i made the "in the riverbed" necklace...
"take a look at your natural river. what are you? stop playing games with yourself. where's your river going? are you riding with it? or are you rowing against it? don't you see that there is no effort if you're riding with your river?" ~ carl frieseke

just like the riverbank, from the riverbed, you can watch the river. see the current for what it is. watch the waves and the flow, without being caught up in it, resting there at the bottom of the river. the direction and the movement are so much more clear when you are not moving along with it. it is peaceful and serene.

and another "rustic nuance" bracelet, in aquamarine

yesterday, we celebrated hazel's birthday (although it is actually tomorrow)! it was great...
(this one's for you, kathy)

hazel is a bit obsessed with the littlest pet shop, so that was the theme. here are the cupcakes we made for the party.

here's the birthday girl (with her new necklace)

with june and kianna

this is hazel's "boyfriend", evan.

with flora and annabel

steph & john

anxiously awaiting cupcakes

the dads


we leave town this friday for our big month-long road trip, so i have a lot to do this week. hopefully i will have a few more new pieces for you before i go, but i cannot say for sure.

p.s. this song that is playing, the first one, "20 miles" by deer tick, is my new favorite; i cannot stop listening to it! (their new album came out last week. it's pretty dark, but it is growing on me.)


Anonymous said...

Oh wow - as always! I don't know which is my favourite, they're both gorgeous. I don't know if you sweat solder your pieces, although I'm guessing you do(?) Anyway, you inspired me to learn the technique, but I have a looong way to go before I'm as good at it as you are, you make it look effortless!

susie said...

Happy birthday to Miss Hazel - that party looks like fun.

The wishing well necklace is beautiful (that stone is magic, and the penny is genius)

Safe travels.

p.s. Will be checking out the new Deer Tick, always like it when you post new music I haven't heard yet.