Tuesday, June 22, 2010

our journey, part one: dolores~denver

this trip has been so fantastic so far! everything has been smooth and sweet...

a beautiful sunset on the drive up. (incidentally, we drove through the night last night. hazel was awake for the sunrise this morning and she said, "the sun is just as pretty when it comes up as when it goes down!)

we got to go to a great party to celebrate the marriage of our dear friends, greg and marcia. they were married last fall in portland, oregon and we were unable to attend the wedding. greg is an indescribably incredible singer/songwriter/musician and glenn used to play in a band with him in durango. he has been so very excited to play his fiddle with him.

it was so great to get to hear greg sing again! and glenn sounded great with him. another member of their old band, rob, was also their to play with them, but i somehow managed not to get a picture of him.

also, i made greg and marcia's rings as their wedding gift. here they are, sporting them. i am considering using this photo as one of the five in the etsy listing. what do you think?

the girls were delighted, as always, to get to read with their mimi and pops

here we are with my parents and my sister, kelly, and her family on father's day

and glenn and i having been playing a lot so far on this trip! it is lovely! we used to play together all the time, before children...

i hope you all are well! i will update again soon.


Anonymous said...

Sounds and looks like you're having a great trip! The photos are lovely, I always admire anyone who can play an instrument well and the ones of your family are wonderful.

Hope you carry on having a fantastic time!

Kelly Reece said...

What I love about your blog is that you're completely yourself! It's very refreshing!