Wednesday, June 16, 2010

trevor's first project and more

trevor completed his first project and i would like to share it with you. i am so proud of him! here he is, sporting his fabulous ring:

it is a very wide band ring with a smoky quartz.

quite good, eh? i told him i would let you know what you all said, so please do leave comments!

and these lovely items are now in the etsy shop for you:

the "i vow an endless bliss" ring, with laguna agate

remember this post, that mentions the biographical john keats movie, bright star? well, this ring is inspired by that movie.
for me it was a stark reminder to really live your life, really love your love, because you do not know how long it will last.

with its fantastic lavender and pink laguna agate, this ring is feminine without being soft; romantic without being mushy. it is dark and light, silky and solid. it is to remind you to seize every moment; live with all you have.

two more "rustic nuance" bracelets, in aquamarine and prehnite with epidote

and another "resolve" ring, with a gorgeous faceted labradorite

speaking of "resolve" i forget to share a lovely story with you from moab. a very nice woman came in with her husband and daughter and bought a necklace and a pair of earrings. a little while later, another sweet lady who had a booth down the way came in to talk to me and we discussed doing a trade. she came back and got the same type of necklace as the previous woman, and several pairs of earrings. (and i got a beautiful apron and bag!) later in the day, another woman came in and said that both of her sisters had bought the same necklace from me without even realizing it and now she wanted one too! she also bought my "resolve" necklace. we chatted for a while and she has since come to visit the etsy shop. she just wrote to me to say that she and her sisters were all at a wedding and they each showed up with one of my necklaces on. i just love that!

another cool thing that happened in moab that i did not share with you was that my very first sale of the weekend was to a woman who lives in hollywood, doing make-up for actors and actresses. she spent over $800! she bought the peacock necklace, the tres flores necklace, and the two spinny-petaled flower pieces. it was so cool. she was in moab working on the filming of a movie called "john carter goes to mars" or some such thing.

and, speaking of moab, i am considering not doing my next show in carbondale. it was a bit expensive to get in, but i am afraid with only one week between my uber-vacation and the show, i may not be able to pull it off. and i do not want to spend my trip stressing about it. what do you think?


Poppy Q said...

Trevers ring is very styley, I like the scalloped bezel. You might have some competition, he should start his own ETSY shop.

I am typing here in wintery New Zealand with my believe ring on my finger - thanks so much and have a lovely holiday.

Julie Q

Anonymous said...

Wow, I wish my first project had been that professional-looking, go Trevor! Seriously, that's gorgeous and it shows the guidance of his teacher, which is also lovely ;)

Love both those rings. One of these days I want one of your Resolve rings, because the sentiment behind them is just what I need when I struggle with my confidence in my ability as a (budding) jeweller.

The Moab stories are wonderful! I really love hearing how people react to things which have clearly taken skill and care to make, I think it touches something deep in a lot of people.

And finally, I hope you have a fantastic holiday, you've more than earned it!!!

susie said...

Way to go Trevor - the ring is awesome (ahem, the first, second, third, fourth... pieces I made were no where near as well made). It is so awesome that you share your knowledge, what a gift to be able to learn a trade from a fellow craftsman. Looks like he has a knack for it.

Love the Moab stories (won't be long we may see some celebrities sporting Silversparrow pieces:) Particularly liked the sisters all showing up with your necklaces kicking up their heels and celebrating wearing your jewelry on a big night now.

Take care, have a good one.

Emily said...

Thanks for including our story in your blog! I'm just super happy and excited to have "discovered" you and your amazing jewelry! Trevor's ring is fantastic...he must have had a good teacher :) Hope you have an enjoyable and restful trip and come back home armed with lots of wonderful ideas for new pieces. I can't wait! Have a lovely day.

Silver Sparrow Designs said...

julie, i told trevor that when i get back we are setting up his etsy shop. one of my dear customers wrote to me to say she may want to order a ring from him for her son! and i am so glad you love your ring ;~)

thanks you guys; i will pass it on to trevor!

and susie, i thought the same thing about hollywood. i guess you never know!