Thursday, January 27, 2011

a "child of the universe" necklace,
with the last of my enormous prehnite cabs from lost sierra

and a handmade, wire-wrapped prehnite chain

the stone is remarkable!

i LOVE it!

this necklace is a tribute to the fabulous jen payette and her
nightlight beads.

sadly, jen is having to take a break from making her incredible beads.

the colors and swirls in this one are so awesome.
luckily i still have a few of her beads...

the chain is wire-wrapped with prehnite, chrysoprase, aquamarine, kyanite, and apatite.

jen, i can't wait until you're back in business!
(and i hope we actually get to see each other when i stay with you next month!)

and... patty saves the day again!
yes, you guessed it, she's taking simon! her husband, larry, has agreed to keep him "until we can find him another home". simon loves patty and larry. he often stays with them when we travel. they live on a ranch, with tons of open space, and no close neighbors. i will be able to see him often, and june can hang out with him every tuesday. i am so relieved and so happy. there is no better place for him to go. i only hope and pray that they all love each other so much that there is no need to find another home. not only that, but patty leaves for tucson tomorrow and she is going to find the man that i bought all of that beautiful prehnite and chrysoprase from in denver and get me some more!

also, i've finished my super-fast course of antibiotics and am feeling so much better!

and, lastly, (just humor me) i wanted to share this with you. remember this? and remember that i ended up throwing the pick up onto the stage in denver? well, i never really knew if he got it. well, i once met a woman at another decemberists show and i made her a guitar pick necklace with (you guessed it) decemberists lyrics on it. yesterday, i got this message from her:

Hey! I just wanted to let you know that I went to The King Is Dead signing last week. I was wearing the necklace that you made me, and when I was talking to Colin, he noticed it and said, "Hey! I have one of those! I keep it on my amp!" And then we talked about how awesome they are! Haha... thought you would want to know! Hope you're doing well! Going to any Decemberists shows?

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Cinder says said...

HI Kristi,
Both of your necklaces are fabulous!
I am always inspired by your creations.