Tuesday, January 18, 2011

re: stacks

i made some new stacking rings for the gallery...

aquamarine, prehnite, labradorite, amethyst

and then i decided to list a couple too.
no wonder i can never keep the gallery stocked...

this ring is a happy accident. i think it is so cool! when it first happened, i kept it for myself. i like it so much, i thought you might too, so i made another. for wearing on your other fingers, the ones without the big flashy rings...

from the side it does indeed look like it ought to be zooming through the night sky,
attracting serious attention.

p.s. not only did the new decemberists album come out today, but my tickets to go see them next month in denver and in boulder arrived!


susie said...

I love that top picture with all of the rings all piled up like a happy totem pole. Those blues are so soothing and soft.

I've been wanting to make myself a simple silver every day ring, I love how chunky and full of texture your happy accident is, it looks like it would have some weight to it.

Enjoy your Decemberist CD, I went ahead and ordered myself Mumford and Sons' CD, totally hooked;)

mamabeaks said...

Love the new rings very much.............. I drove 40 miles into town today to get the new Decemberist CD.......... Great listening to on the 40 mile drive home!