Wednesday, January 19, 2011

colin meloy, ayn rand...and, simon

i love a new decemberists album. i really do. because i have loved them for so long, a new album is like a long, sought after conversation with a dear friend. like returning home after a long absence. this new album, the king is dead, is no different.

this is "january hymn",
with garnet and chalcedony

the garnet (january's birthstone of course) is like a deep, dark glass of red wine;
the chalcedony is icy and cold and crisp. it's a lovely contrast.

on a winter sunday I go
to clear away the snow
and green the ground below

april all an ocean away
is this the better way to spend the day?
keeping the winter at bay

what were the words i meant to say before you left?
when i could see your breath lead where you were going to

maybe i should just let it be,
and maybe it will all come back to me
sing oh january oh!

how i lived a childhood in snow
and all my teens in tow
stuffed in strata of glow

hail the winter days after dark
wandering the gray memorial park
a fleeting beating of hearts...

(what do you think, mamabeaks?)

this is the "for those who seek it" ring,
with skyscrapers of rainbow moonstone and an amazing pavilion cut labradorite

i told you that i have been rereading some of my old books lately. and although i thoroughly disagree with some major points in her philosophy, ayn rand's the fountainhead struck a serious chord with me this time around.

this ring is about that book.

and, about simon. well, i have very sad news. i know you would never believe it from looking at his sweet face, but he can be quite aggressive. i always chalk it up to him being my "neurotic denver rescue dog", but the truth is it's gotten really bad. he is extremely protective, and he's now gone after three of our neighbors. i promised glenn that if it happened again, we would get rid of him. and it happened again. i am devastated, but i don't see any other choice. he has never exhibited any aggressive behavior towards any of us, but what if??? i can't risk it with the girls. do any of you have any experience with this sort of thing?


mamabeaks said...

I didn't have work today because it snowed the whole day, so all I did was clean and play on the computer and listen to the new cd, yes all day........ so I love the CD and I love the necklace "January Hymn"....... It is all so appropriate.... I love it because of the song and Jan. not only was my (our) anniversary but also my husband's birthday, so it's all special!

susie said...

OK, now I need to order the new Decemberist CD too. We got close to 10 inches of snow last night (a rarity around these parts)- really love the new pieces, so fitting of my mood today.

So sorry to hear about Simon. We just adopted a rescue dog last week. She's a five year old Westie, and Tom was really resistant to the idea of another dog. It's hard, because they really do become like family members. She's been good so far, but you never know. Take care.

DalaHorse said...

Love the pendant and the snowflake...really special! I'm sorry to hear about your sounds like he's only aggressive towards strangers. He probably needs a Dog Whisperer if you have one in your parts...something in his development(socialization) went awry. I wish the whole situation well whatever happens! ♥