Friday, January 7, 2011

what's up, labradorite?

so i think i might have a problem. well, i know i do. i am obsessed with labradorite. if i could, i would make all of my pieces with labradorite. i am absolutely enchanted by it. i got an amazing shipment of labradorite cabs over the holiday and they are all i want to work with.

this is "resolve, love, trust", a flapper bracelet
with labradorite, ruby, and smoky quartz

this one is outstanding!

a new resolve ring
look at the size of this one!

i think the dark spot at the bottom is a perfect mountain.

a "resolve" necklace


what's up with all of this resolve, you say? it's that time of year, isn't it? where we are all making resolutions, resolving to keep them, etc. plus, labradorite assists with transitions, facilitates change. there is a method to my madness, i assure you.

be the change

the chain has big, chunky, fabulous faceted beads
labradorite, kyanite, moonstone, and iolite

and a new "rustic nuance" bracelet
with (not labradorite) peruvian opal

i also made a bunch of "tennessee studs"...



black onyx

smoky quartz
(these are my favorite.)


...the tennessee stud was long and lean
the color of the sun and his eyes were green
he had the nerve and he had the blood
and there never was a horse like the tennessee stud...

and, i put some new lantern earrings in the shop.

in the gallery, and at shows, these sell really well. but on etsy, for some reason they do not. i am wondering if you could take a minute and go look at the listing and give me any feedback you might have about why you think they don't sell on etsy. is it my photos? the description? the price? i would love some objective input. i love to make them, they are my original design, and i just can't understand why nobody's buying them on etsy...


Lisa-Maladylis said...

I love your lantern earrings ! I think you should switch up the photos so they are easier to see and find. Make the first photo that shows in the listing the second or third. if that makes any sense. the first photo you have is a bit blurry and not as easy to see so if you used the second or third photo, people would see it better.

Silver Sparrow Designs said...

thanks, lisa. that's how i used to do it and they weren't selling, so i am trying this...

and jen, thanks for buying the robins egg pair! you're fabulous!

Metallo Bianco Jewelry said...

Welcome to the Labradorite Anonymous club. :) I love it too! I love all of the new pieces. About the lantern earrings...sometimes I feel like the worst pictures of mine seem to generate the most interest on Etsy. What about trying the last picture here on the blog..that one that shows them all together...maybe it would create enough interest for people to click and then get to see how cool they are? I don't know...can't figure out why they would do so well at the shows and not in your shop. Hope that changes for you!

Silver Sparrow Designs said...

well, cassie, thanks for the tip! i am going to try it... we'll see how it goes.

love your kyanite ring by the way. i am glad you kept it!

Emily said...

Labradorite is definitely one of my favorite stones too. My favorite is the flapper bracelet, what a uniquely shaped labradorite stone! If I had my ears pierced I would buy your lantern earrings but alas....
P.S. I'm glad you found the humor in my comment about being under duress :)

Janell Armstrong said...

I share the same feelings about labradorite : ) Lovely work, Kristi!

I have a similar situation you have with your lantern earrings, but in the galleries I sell in. In one gallery I cannot keep them stocked with my 'rustic pearls studs'. The other has not sold a single pair??? And vice-versa with other work. It's strange.